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Volume 7(1), 2017


1.    Motivational Strategies of Primary School Teachers for Enhancing Learning in Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa State

       Chikwe AGBAKWURU & Oba ITAZIBA


2.    Environmental Literacy for Sustainable Forest Resource Management in Central Senatorial District of Cross River State, Nigeria

       Comfort N. AGBOR, Sarah. N. ODEN & Usang O. NKANU


3.    Psychological Challenges and Coping Strategies of Unemployed Graduates in Rivers State, Nigeria

       Mary-Rose N. IZUCHI & Alvina Ike OPARA


4.    Education and National Development in Nigeria: The Underlying Assumptions and Practical Realities

       Ibekwe ROBERT–OKAH


5.    The Place of School as a Formal Organisation and the Quality of Nigerian Education: A Systems Approach

       Nwachukwu Prince OLOLUBE


6.    Global Terror and Allied Boko Haram Operational Mechanisms:  Implications for the Nigerian State

       Blessing E. N. THOM-OTUYA & Gogo Patrick  IBIAMU


7.    The Politics of Recruitment and Sack Exercise of April 2015, at Ken Saro Wiwa Polytechnic Bori, Rivers States, Nigeria

       Oboada  Alafonye URIAH & Sotonye Edith ORUWARI


8.    Entrepreneurship as Key to Socio-Economic Development: A Study of Selected Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Delta State

       Ossai ABEH


9.    Appraising the Impact of Total Quality Management on Students’ Academic Performance in Public Secondary Schools in Ogun

       State, Nigeria

       Kassim O. AJAYI , Oyeteju L. OYENIYI & Simon Ademola AKINTEYE


10.   Misunderstanding of the Gifted or Talented Child by Parents and the Public

        Wenikado S. GANAGANA


11.   Parenting Style, Test Anxiety and Cheating Tendency Among Secondary Students in Calabar Municipality Local Government of

        Cross River State, Nigeria

        Stella ESUABANA


12.   Play: A Panaca for Child Socialization

        Ekaette I. EKPO


13.   Bakassi IDPs and Livelihood Coping Strategies in Yenagoa

        Erebagha Theophilus INGIABUNA


14.   Situation and Policy Analysis of Basic Education in Yenagoa Local Government Area Bayelsa State, Nigeria (2000–2013)

        Numoipre IKURITE


15.   The Imperatives of Sex Education on Adolescents in Nigeria

        Promise E. GRARALE, Ada Chinwe OGOEGBU & Kate Tamakara DUSON


16.   Effective Ways of Realising Indigenous Manpower Development and Peace in the Niger Delta through Nigeria Local Content Act

        Maduawuchi ELEM & Nnenna Nancy CHUKWUMA


17.   Predictive Validity of Students’ Extrance Examination and  Junior Secondary School One (JSS1) Annual Examinations in Ignatius Ajuru

        University of Education Demonstration Secondary School, Port Harcourt

        Vincent OBOWU-ADUTCHAY & Charles O. IWUNDU


18.   Teaching and Measuring Teaching Performance in Science

        Tugwel N. AGINA-OBU & Jane ONWUGBUTA-ENYI


19.   llegal Oil Bunkering and the Niger Delta Crisis: The Post Amnesty Bayelsa State

        Undutimi Johnny DUDAFA


20.   Good Mathematics Background: A Key Factor towards Enhanced Students Achievement in Chemistry in Senior Secondary Schools in

        Rivers State

        Mark Sanderson OTIKOR & Abosede Ajoke AROKOYU


21.   House Demolition, Replacement and Occupancy: The SPDC Ogboloma Community Experience

        Erebagha Theophilus INGIABUNA & Undutimi Johnny DUDAFA


Complete issue Volume 7(1), 2017



Volume 7(2), 2017


1.    Integrated Process Skills (IPS) and Students’ Achievement in Physics Practical’s in Ikwerre Local Government Area, Rivers State

       Temitope S. B. ADERONMU & Rebecca Yinka ADESOPE


2.     Governance and Decision Making in Higher Education Management

        Nwachukwu P. OLOLUBE, E. T. INGIABUNA & Undutimi J. DUDAFA


3.     Mentoring and Academic Productivity of Beginning Lecturers in Nigerian Universities

        Romina Ifeoma ASIYAI


4.     Primary School Pupils’ Test Anxiety and their Academic Achievement in English Language in Calabar Municipality of Cross River State,


        Rita A. NDIFON


5.     Entrepreneurial Education as a Tool for Reducing Unemployment in Nigeria: The Experience of Shell Live Wire Programme in the

        Niger Delta States

        Oboada Alafonye URIAH


6.     Environmental Adult Education and Air Pollution Control: A Step Towards Value Re-Orientation

        Kpeno Amon EPHRAIM


7.     Science, Technology and the Human Society: A Philosophical Inquiry

        Maraizu ELECHI


8.     Self-Funding by Public Universities in a Recessed Economy: The Nigerian Experience

        Ibekwe ROBERT–OKAH


9.     Montessori Teaching Approach and Primary School Pupils Achievement and Knowledge Retention in Mathematics

        Bright Ihechukwu NWOKE & Hellen Sokari A-OKUJAGU


10.   The Benefits, Problems and Pioneers of Early Childhood Education

        Bernedette U. CORNELIUS-UKPEPI


11.    Economic Implications of Early Childhood Education in Nigeria for Value Re-orientation, Poverty Eradication and National Development

        Samuel Nariochukwu OWHONDAH & Florence Daniel Ndubuisi EKE


12.    The Teacher and History of Education in Nigeria: Matters Arising

         Garba ABDULAHI & Jerome I. WOSU


13.    Internet Literacy and Research Study among Final Year Mathematics Undergraduates in Ignatius Ajuru University of Education

         Mark Sanderson OTIKOR & Nchelem Rosemary GEORGE


14.    The Utilization of Information Communication Technologies: A Means of Assuring Authenticity in Open and Distance Learning in Nigerian

         Chioma Chinyere CHIGOZIE-OKWUM & Macarthy OSUO-GENSELEKE


15.    Re-Oreintation of Teacher Education Programme towards Wealth Creation

         Patience O. EMESIOBI & Marilyn U. OCHOMA


16.    Managing Entrepreneurship Education for Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria

         Gift Uchenna NWIYI & Fiokedu Sam OKORIE



Complete issue Volume 7(2), 2017


Volume 7(3), 2017


1.     The Impact of Computer Literacy and Computer Anxiety on the Performance in Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) of

         Candidates in Imo State

          Anthony O. EBUBECHUKWU


2.      Assessment of Poverty Reduction among Female Graduates in Techno-Vocational Institutions in Rivers State, Strategies, Prospects and


         Oladele Olaitain OLOKO


3.      Prevailing Misconceptions and Grassroots Participation in Community Development Programmes in Eberi/Omuma Local Government Area

         of Rivers State

         Kingsley ALOZIE


4.       Specific Objectives in Lesson Plans of Teacher Trainees at Ignatius Ajuru University of Education Port Harcourt: Implications for Training

          Veronica Emem OKOGBAA


5.       Enhancing Teleconferening Virtual Technologies in Universities Library Schools as a Communication Media towards Effective Instructional

          Delivery among Lecturers

          Charity Mwuese H. BOOR, Dogara M. ALIYU & Musa Sani SALISU


6.      Administrative Challenges in Providing Lifelong Learning in Rivers State

         Ugochukwu Kysburn AGI & Anthony HARRISON


7.       Parents' Education, Occupation and Real Mother's Age as Predictors of Students' Achievement in Mathematics in Selected Secondary

          Schools in Ogun State, Nigeria

          Kassim O. AJAYI, Kehinde O. MURAINA & Salomi M. OLUFEMI


8.      The Role of Physical Activity in the Prevention and Treatment of Mental Health Problems

          Rugai JOSEPH


9.      Test Anxiety and Students’ Academic Achievement in Mathematics and English in Amowo-Odofin Local Government Area of Lagos State,


         Clifford Moses AMINI


10.     Assessment of Teachers’ Use of Computer Assisted Learning in the Teaching of English Language in Unity Schools in some South-South


          Kemkamma B. ABORH & Esther Loliya DAN-GRANVILLE


11.     Demographic Variables as Predictors of Teachers’ Teaching Effectiveness in the Management of Secondary Schools in Rivers State,


          Ominini Brother Asako WALSON & Nyege Chinda NNOKAM


Complete Issue Volume 7(3), 2017



Volume 8(1), 2018



1.     Principals’ Leadership Styles and Teachers’ Job Effectiveness in Secondary Schools in Ogun State, Nigeria.

        Fausat Abisoye ADENAIKE


2.     School Environment and Pres-School Children’s Reading Readiness in Ikwerre Local Government Area Of Rivers State, Nigeria.

        Beatrice Onyebuchi AMADI-ALI


3.     Religious Dressing and Morality in Ilorin Metropolis of Kwara State, Nigeria

        Abdullateef RAJI, Abubakar Yinusa MOHAMMED, Ibrahim Olawale ADESHINA, Khalid Olatunji RAJI,

        Lanre Abdul-Rasheed SULAIMAN, & Abdulwasiu Adeyemi RAJI


4.     Peace Education as a Panacea for National Development in Nigeria.

        Fibainmine G. PAULLEY & Victory C. OWEDE


5.      The School Feeding Programme: Profiling ‘Lesser Utilized’ Animal Source Foods as Alternative Home Grown Options for Feeding

         Preschool Children in Nigeria.

         Godfrey Adokiye KALIO & Iseyechinbo Adokiye GODFREY-KALIO


6.      Students’ Demographics as Indices of Online Learning Readiness of Distance Learners in Nigeria.

         Clifford Moses AMINI & Fidel OKOPI


7.      Consequences of the Neglect of Religious and Moral Values in Our Educational System

         Samuel AMAELE & Donatus C. UKULOR


8.     Nomadic Education and Rural Development in Orelope Local Government Area of Oyo State, Nigeria

         Abdullateef RAJI, Abubakar Yinusa MOHAMMED, Lanre Abdul-Rasheed SULAIMAN, Khalid Olatunji RAJI, Muydeen Abongo MUSTAPHA &

         Sunday Joseph AKOR


9.     Research and Effective Service Delivery in Nigeria Higher Education

        Unyejit William ASUK & Jenbarimiema WEST


10.   Influence of Broken Home on Academic Performance of Senior Secondary School Students in Rivers State, Nigeria.

        Amarachi LEVI-OKPARA & Oboada Alafonye URIAH


Complete Issue Volume 8(1), 2018.




Volume 8(2), 2018



1.     Vocational and Entrepreneurship Education as Catalysts for Technological Transformation: Focus on Agricultural Education and Training

        Edwards Adeseye ALADEMERIN & Omowumi Odunayo OGUNDIPE


2.      Economic Rationale for Formal Education: The Nigeria Example

         Julius Ayo AKINWUMIJU & Chinyere Onyemaechi AGABI


3.      Meeting the Needs of Sustainable Development in Rivers State through Innovations in Secondary Education

         Ugochukwu Kysburn AGI & Ibiene EREME


4.      Achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Nigeria by 2030: The Adult Education Input

         Esuefieni Jubilee ETIGBAMO


5.      Budgeting and Financial Control Measures Used by Public Secondary School Principals in Rivers State

         Ibiene EREME


6.      Nigerian Education and its Commitment to Building a Corruption Free Society

         Justine Ukaeju MBAGWU & Samuel AMAELE


7.      Use of Library Resources and Services for Students’ Satisfaction in Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Port Harcourt Rivers State

         Nnenda W. TOM-GEORGE


8.      Classroom Environment and Academic Interest as Correlates of Achievement in Senior Secondary School Chemistry in Ibadan South West

         Local Government Area, Oyo State, Nigeria

         Boniface Ugwumaduka EZIKE


9.      Evaluation of Implementation of Education For All Goal 5 in Public Primary Schools in Ogun East Senatorial District, Nigeria

         Olufemi A. AJAYI, Abiodun A. OJO & Opeyemi A. ABIOLA


10.    Cultism and Academic Activities in Tertiary Institutions in Rivers State: Students Perception

         Amos Okukwe OLOLUBE


11.    Ethical Re-Orientation in Educational Assessment and Research: Implication for Educational Evaluation

         Vincent OBOWU-ADUTCHAY & Reginald P. I. UKWUIJE


12.    Management of Students’ Diversity for Academic Competitiveness in Secondary Schools in Nigeria





Volume 8(3), 2018



1.     Target-Setting, Employee Motivation and Organizational Performance in Selected Banks in Port Harcourt

        Nwosu Ndem ORJI, Kinikanwo Azunda ANELE & Dinebari BADEY


2.     Educational Administrators’ Roles in Managing Secondary Education for National Cohesion and Global Competiveness

        Helen Ngozika Lawrence NWANKWOALA


3.     Use of Mobile Devices by Undergraduates of Physics and Physics-Related Courses in University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State

        Esther F. FOMSI & Deborah T. A. OBAFEMI


4.     Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and National Security: The Librarian Perspective.

        Innocent Chima MMEJIM & Bassey Onyemaechi UMAHI


5.     Improving the Teaching and Learning of Educational Technology Course Content Through the Use of Graphic Organizer

        P. C. IFEGBO & N. E. AJUZIE


6.     Human Resource Management and Job Satisfaction among Faculty (Lecturers) in Tertiary Institutions in Rivers State

        Chinyere Prince Chinedu MMOM & Nwachukwu Prince OLOLUBE


7.     School Facilities Planning and Secondary School Students’ Learning Outcomes in South-South States of Nigeria

        Emmanuel C. IBARA


8.     Assessment of Intelligence–Led Policing and Crime Prevention in Nigeria Police

        Benedict Ugbomah NWACHUKWU


9.    Teachers’ Classroom Management Competences for Lesson Delivery in Senior Secondary Schools

       Godpower Obi AHIAKWO



Volume 9(1), 2019



1.    Managing Innovations in Online Registration and Educational Policies for Service Delivery in Universities in Rivers State

       Chisara J. AGHA & Sunday T. AFANGIDEH


2.    Community Librarianship and Access to Information

        Innocent Chima MMEJIM & Vivien EMMANUEL


3.     Effect of Educational Technology on the Performance of High School Students: A Study of Selected Secondary Schools in

        Owerri Municipal Council of Imo State, Nigeria.

        Leonard Ifeanyi AMAEFULE


4.     Teachers’ Characteristics and Student Competence on Achievement in Computer Studies, in Cross River State, Nigeria

        Ofem Ubi ARIKPO


5.     Reference Services and Survey of Users Satisfaction in Academic Libraries in Rivers State Nigeria

        Boma T. DAVID-WEST  & Comfort N. OWATE


6.     University Administrators Coping Strategies for Managing Tertiary Education in Nigeria in a Period of Economic Depression

        Romina Ifeoma ASIYAI


7.     Principals’ Application of Distributed Leadership Model in the Administration of Secondary Schools in Rivers State, Nigeria

        Emmanuel C. IBARA


8.     School Quality and Teachers’ Characteristics Among Senior Secondary Students in Rivers State: Implication For Counselling.

        Sunday Nsirimobi ORDU & Nkechi Gift OWHONDA


9.     Leadership Styles and Communication Patterns on Employees’ Performance: A Study of Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Port Harcourt

        More Ordu Elizabeth WOME


10.    Basics in Educational Administration and Planning to Strengthen Practice for Beginners

         Veronica E. OKOGBAA


11.    Internationalisation of University Education in South-South Nigeria: Issues, Challenges and Strategies.

         Emmanuel C. IBARA


12.    Technological Innovations and Adult Literacy in Rural Areas of Ogun State, Nigeria

         Kofoworola A. ADEROGBA & Adekunle A. ADENIYI



Volume 9(2), 2019



1.    Gender Disparity Issues and Sustainable Human Capital Development in Nigeria: Educational Planning Thoughts

        Akorede Serifat ODUMADE


2.     Community Education Variables and Rural Development Activities of Community-Based Organizations in Rural Areas of Ogun State

         Adekunle A. ADENIYI & Kofo A. ADEROGBA


3.     Diminishing Marginal Productivity in the Development of Quality Basic Education in Nigeria

        Irenekiche Japhet NICHOLAS & Moses Baribera GBARRAGE


4.     Great Philosophers and their Views for Effective Management of Education

         Justine Ukaeju MBAGWU & Dominic Chiosom IGBEGIRI


5.    Budgeting as a Tool of Cost Management and Financial Accountability in Education

        Irenekiche Japhet NICHOLAS, Justina Wobiandu OGUNDU & Mariam AMINAHO


6.     Unsolicited Promo Texts and Patronage among Students of Ignatius Ajuru University of Education

        Gloria Kelly ODEGHA


7.     Re-Visiting the Philosophy of African Traditional Education for Economic Development in Contemporary Nigeria

        Nanighe B. MAJOR & Korre INIEKENIMI


8.     Leadership Strategies for Managing Workplace Stress in Institutions of Higher Learning

        Everest Onwudebe NKWOR


9.     Human Resource Management and Retirement Counselling For University Lecturers

        Irechukwu Ogechukwu URIAS


10.   Problems and Prospects of Marketing Library and Information Products and Services by Librarians

        Nnenda W. TOM-GEORGE & Emmanuel OKWU


11.   Change Management and Effective Performance of Universities

        Blessing DANIAL-KALIO & Nwachukwu Prince OLOLUBE






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